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Houston Rd Window Tinting is an Online Quote Save 15% approved film installer. It installs solar control films to control heat and glare, opaque films for privacy and safety and security films.

is Australia’s premier online glass tinting supplier for home and office windows.  

TintingDirect.com.au supplies window films from the worlds top window film manufacturers – including SolarGard, 3M, Smart Films, Hanita, ASWF (American Standard Window Films), JWF (Johnson Window Films) and SunTek – at a lower price than its competitors.

How do you save money using TintingDirect.com.au?

1. TintingDirect.com.au do not employ sales reps – instead it’s online job costing application lets customers (or anyone that can use a tape measure) to do their own quote and earn the 15% sales commission as a discount. People who have difficulty taking time off work can avoid the sales rep completely and do their own quote whenever they choose (ie. 24-7)

  •  All TintingDirect.com.au window film prices are online allowing a direct comparison of window films from all the top film brands – get a couple of quotes from the local window tinters and then do an online quote to compare. It’s Easy! Measure height and width of each window pane and enter the measurements into the job costing app and the film cost and installation charge is calculated. A quote is emailed to you. You can also request film samples.

2. You can avoid the wholesaler and/or the retailer mark-up – people order the film online direct from TintingDirect, the Smart Films Australian distributor – which means a lower total cost for professional grade film delivered direct to your home or office. Try it. Use the job costing app to compare price.

  • A few people choose to install the film themselves but most choose professional installation by a TintingDirect.com.au approved film installer in their city.
    Houston Rd Window Tinting has been in the window tinting industry for over 15 years and has partnered with TintingDirect.com.au to provide a professional installation service to their customers wanting house or office window tinting in Sydney.

Choose Houston Rd Window Tinting for your film installation by entering our discount code when ordering your film online with TintingDirect.com.au.

Houston Road Window Tinting adheres to the international “Visual Quality Standard for Applied Window Film” of the International Window Film Association (IWFA) so you can be confident to get the highest quality film installation.

  • In short, we are promising that if we do not meet the international standard we re-do the job. Not only that, we tell you in advance what standard of film installation you can expect to receive, so that if, after the job is done, you are unhappy we are both reading from the same performance standard.

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Let us help you select the best film for the job

Frequently, sun related problems such as excessive heat and glare, damage to carpets, drapes and furniture, and a lack of privacy from neighbours can be solved easily by installing window tinting.

But choosing the “best” solar control film for a particular problem is not always easy, particularly if you have a range of, sometimes, competing objectives.

You may want to block the heat but don’t want to make a room feel dark, you may want privacy but don’t want to spoil the views at night, or you don’t like mirrored windows, or you have some other objective …

This paper on how to select the best film for home windows by TintingDirect many people we have found to help them more clearly identity what they want to achieve and prioritise their objectives to make what are fairly difficult window tinting choices much easier and select for them the best film for the job (ie. the best tint to achieve your objectives)